Saturday, October 23, 2010

Marianne Curley - Old Magic

Great concept. And set in rural Australia and ye old England. Good characters...but I thought could have used another edit. Bits were really choppy and didn't explain stuff - a shame.

My tally's up to 73 now! I don't think I'll be able to read anymore harry before the movie comes out in a few weeks...oh well...i'm really hanging out to read deathly hallows again:)

Marian Keyes - The other side of the story

I enjoyed this because of the insight into the publishing world....defo sounds like more pressure than I'd enjoy. It keeps changing the protaganist between 3 broads, so probably not enough of a story for 1 book. Quite funny in bits. Readable. That's about it - nothing too special.

Meg Cabot - Every boy's got one

Chick lit - but I couldn't put it down. Haha. I still don't know what the title's got to do with the story - but very enjoyable.....It's set in small town Italy - so picturesque. I actually laughed out loud a couple of times too....I'll have to read more by Miss Princess Diaries.

More C.S.Lewis

The horse and his boy - man this guy can write. Another lovely story from Narnia. Great characters, great setting, great story - what more can you ask for?

Prince Caspian - not quite up to standard, I thought...but still mainly very enjoyable. No romance - they must have added that for the movie:)

The Secret Garden - Frances Hodgson Burnett

Awwww...I hadn't read this book before. And I loved it:) Lovely setting - so Brittish:) I wish we lived in the olden days where there was always a rich relative around - although I'd probably be one of tghe servants.

Eion Colfer - Artemis Fowl

Meh - good concept. And Artemis certainly grew on you....but I didn't find any of the characters easy to relate to....and compared with J.K...the bridge between normal and magical was never built for me.

Ganglands - Maureen McArthy

Weird. It's set near where I live in Melbourne, so that's cool...but apart from that....hmmmm.....I suppose it's just not my kind of book because I don't like violence. I thought that the drifting away from high school friends was pretty realistic, but apart from that....I don't think it was especially well written.

More Jane Austen

Emma - Probably one of my fave books. I love Emma. Knightly's hot:) And Emma's lovely and uncomplicated.

Mansfield Park - I don't remember reading this. I think it's probably Jane Austen's best work, but I don't find it as enjoyable as others because it's darker. And the romance just isn't there for me (on both sides).

Persuasion - I love this book! It's so exciting when the romance is rekindled. Wentworth's a babe:)

Melina Marchetta

One of my fave authors - and she's Aussie:)
I re-read Saving Francesca - well written and enjoyable characters. It's harder to like the protaganist because she's a bit of a negative nelly, but it's dealing with depression, so that's understandable.
The Piper's Son. A spin off from the above. I really enjoyed it - again the background characters really made a difference.