Tuesday, November 30, 2010

79 - Why Not?

Why Not by Shari Low
Geez - I'm getting a bit sick of chick lit...but they're so easy to read & i'm really hanging out for Harry.
This is about a Scottish chick and her 4 good friends and all of them finding the loves of their loves and getting married to awesome guys in 5 minutes. sigh. i did laugh out loud a couple of times, but she used to many similies.

more Meg Cabot

Big Boned - meh....reality clearly has no place in chick lit. This is about a curvy blonde girl who used to be a pop star who now lives with a hottie private detective and works at a uni where people keep getting murdered. nuff said.

Queen of Babble - in the big city - a sequel that wasn't planned until the first one was successful. I love all the fashion talk, but it's annoyingly similar to the sequel of bridget jones. When you end happily ever after in the first book - don't go making the guy a tool in the 2nd book!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

76 - my first nick earls experience

i like this guy! and it's set in brisbane! so familiar!
this is about a guy in his last year at school and his parents have had to move overseas so he has to move to toowong to live with his young aunty and her young hot housemate. the main character's likeable - i'm gonna read some more of this guy. i kinda didn't want it to end, but nothing major really happened. oh well.
48 Shades of Brown - ***1/2

meg cabot

teen idol - ok totally unrealistic, but i got sucked it. it's about a highschool girl-next-door who gets along with everyone but people take advantage of her niceness. So a hot movie star comes along to her school (to secretly research a role) and gets her to start standing up for herself. On second thought, it's totally believable, it's pretty much my own high-school experience. scary.

Queen of babble - i was confused by this title at first because the blurb reckoned that the protagonist's big mouth kept getting her into trouble, but she barely speaks for the first half. But most of the book is set in beautiful france, so that's lovely.

mayble i'll have to give the princess diaries a go....