Friday, February 19, 2010

It seemed like a good idea at the time

Ok. If I were more proactive I would have started this blog months ago, but better late than never.
In the lead up to any new Harry Potter movie (which I am inevitably disappointed in) I always re-read my fave books - the Harry Potter series. However although remaining brilliant, they lose a little of their magic everytime (and I border on obsessive). I would like to state here though that I love J.K.Rowling...I think she is a genius...and I love her characters more. Hermione would have to be one of the best female role-models I've ever read.

Despite my love, I decided that I should expand my horizons....maybe read some grown-up books & postpone gratification by reading 100 other books before allowing myself to re-read the Harrys. I started awhile ago, so I've made some progress.
The following is what I've accomplished so far & my thoughts.....hopefully after this each blog will only be referring to one book.

Marley & Me ***1/2 Nice doggie.
Eat, Pray, Love *** I liked the eat part.
The Changeover ****1/2 Awesome Australian teen fantasy..Thanks Lizzie!
My Sister Sif *** Good writing, but the characters didn't really win me over.
Jane Eyre***1/2 Mmmmmn Mr Rochester.
The Anne Books ****1/2 I love Anne Blythe nee Shirley!
Finnikin of the Rock **** Melina Marchetta would have to be my fave Aussie author.
Accidents can happen when I'm thinking of you * Chick lit.
Inkheart**1/2 Good story, but a bit too long.
The White Tiger ** I guess it broadened my Indian knowledge, but too depressing.
The Lovely Bones **1/2 Ditto.
The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe ****1/2 Brilliant writing- great lion.
Burned *** American teen fiction...interesting story

Quidditch through the ages *** This isn't cheating!

Cassandra's Conflict (0) Non-enjoyable porn.

People might hear you ****Great story, scared me silly when I was younger.

Secrets (0) crap

Lolita * The one star is for originality and good writing.I hated it.

Villette ** Painful. Lighten up Bronte!

Twilight ** Hardly original, but something keeps you turning the pages.

Brideshead Revisited ***1/2 I didn't really like the ending, but I liked the main guy.

This Charming Man ** Chick Lit, but kept me going.

New Moon ** I prefer werewolves, but hate soppy girls.

The Magician's Nephew *** Not as good as the Lion etc, but well written.

Eclipse **1/2 Go team jacob.

Breaking Dawn *** Finally she has an opinion of her own!

You or someone like you **1/2 Good idea, but annoying way of writing & cold protagonist.

Notes from the teenage underground **** Reminded me of Alibrandi, but set in Melbourne.

Me likee.

So according to my calculations I've read 34 books so far (7 in the Anne series). I've got quite a few unread on my bookshelf, but if anyone knows of any good reads please advise me. At the moment I'm feeling strong, but I'll be at my weakest when the next film promos start...Think positive! I'll be reunited with Hermione in 66 books!!!!


  1. my husband is also doing a blog on the books he's reading. He's trying to do the 1001 books to read before you die. He's currently up to 1%. if you want to check it out.

    I want to read Brideshead Revisited. I'm currently watching the BBC series of it.

    Have you ever read any of the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon? i recommend them. I just finished the latest book


  2. There is so many books to read, so little time

  3. Thanks Mary:) I'll have to look them up! I saw Percy Jackson at the movies today, so I'm keen to read them....although I think they aged the characters up a bit for the movie. I hear you're kicking lucy's butt at scrabble:)

  4. I would recommend The Road or We Need to Talk about Kevin but I fear too depressing...what about North and South? And agree on Jane Eyre..."sigh"

  5. Libby - R U Nuts??? The road? Have we met?? I have read north & south - quite liked it, but I prefer the miniseries...mmmmnnn mr thornton:)