Monday, June 14, 2010

suprising chick lit

hey dudes

just finished a couple of chick lit books. (but both authors are irish - so not as trashy)....i wanted something light to roll my eyes at, but i was actually suprised. the first one was THE BOOK OF TOMORROW by cecilia ahern. it was actually more of a mystery than a romance. kinda like flowers in the attic, but not gross. i recommend it - ****. The protagonist is a 17 year old girl, but i found her pretty realistic.

the other one was ANYBODY OUT THERE? by marian keyes...i'm not that big a fan of ms keyes (sorry lexi & lizzie)...but i liked this one. there was a nice twist half-way through...and the main girl had a nice eccentric family. ****

stay warm!

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  1. What I've read of Cecilia Ahern has been pretty good. I should check out that one.