Thursday, July 15, 2010

catch up

Howdy, I'm extremely tired and can't sleep so I thought I'd update my reading list. I'm pretty sleep deprived, so apologies if this is incoherent. (Or has weirdo spelling).
I've been frequenting the library a bit & read the following:
- The rest of her life - by Laura Moriaty: This one didn't become a fave...the protagonist was not very likable. Understandable though - so pretty well written and realistic. I just get so frustrated at characters that self-sabotage all the time. Hmmm **1/2

- Postcards from wit's end - by Sarah Harvey: Somehow I unintentionally seem to pick chick lit books involving a dead spouse. Despite that cheery factor I liked this one, everything was wrapped up in a neat little package by the end. Some bits that were clearly meant to be funny were not funny at all, but it'll appeal to someone else's sense of humour. I was jealous of the lead character for awhile because she was in publishing but it sounded kinda boring. I have nothing else to say about it.

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